Another catch up

OK – blogging is not something I have the energy to keep up with but I do miss my time merrily writing about my sexual dalliances. So catch up’s is the best I can do.


To my surprise I am writing this blog as a guy who is an a relationship. Yes I don’t know how but the 20 year curse was broken in February. I have a bf.

Being in a relationship is not how I imagined it. Confusion, anger and all sorts of things happen in a relationship that I was unaware of. However, my bf is the first person to care about me and the first person to love me. Its strange being in a relationship.

I feel bad because I miss my 1 night stands and general sluttyness and I feel bad about ogling men. My bf isn’t exactly my “type” but his personality is infectious. He is the kindest person I have ever know.

I have shamefully cheated on him once, early on in our relationship but since then have been faithful. However, I am young and I know that when certain bodily functions start occurring I become distant to my brain and act penis first.

Well this was a brief catch up of my life. I’m no longer slutting myself out but still remain on the apps browsing HK’s finest.


A Summary

So i have neglected blogging but my life in HK is hectic.

I work 10hr days and I have finally got a social life (I am no longer a law student, but a first class law graduate).

I wanted to share with everyone what has happened in my life in the last 5 months since being in HK:

1. At Heathrow airport, 1 minute before boarding my flight to HK I came out to my parents (via text). Sadly, the 11hrs I spent in the sky thinking I had outed myself proved frivolous as my text never sent -_- I resent the message in HK and I am now an openly gay guy.

2. I made some great friends in HK all via gay apps. I didn’t sleep with any of them but just made good friends.

3. I did a lot of sightseeing and my social life increased as the friends I had made would have dinner with me and go sightseeing with me.

4. Visited Macau twice. Once with a friend and the second time alone. Going alone was actually fine but I missed having company.

5. I became a slut again. I promised myself that when I moved to HK I would stop my sluttyness but that lasted about 1-2 months. Before HK I had penetrative sex with 2 people. That number is now 8.

(A Chinese fuck buddy, a hot Filipino who gave me the most pleasure as a bottom, a Latino in his hotel bathroom as his girlfriend was sleeping in the bed unaware of my 6am presence, a Korean and another Chinese and most recently a 35yr old Asian with a very big penis).


I have officially become a slut. On this list the 2 blowjobs I gave / received were not included. I received a bj in a toilet. This is disgusting.

I am not pleased with myself. I sleep with people because I am lonely and I crave affection. None of the people I slept with loved me. They just wanted a fuck.

And yes I bottomed again for my first time since being with Frenchy.


6. I got food poisoning twice in HK. Being alone and sick sucks.

7. I went to Guangzhou, China

8. I had a great New Years celebration. I went to see the fireworks on the Harbour.

9. I went to my first ever gay bars and clubs (I received 0 attention every single time I went)

10. I lost some friends. Things happened – when someone is drunk they are honest and rude. Another pretended to be someone else on a gay app so that they could chat to me – this is not cool.

11. Despite my friends in HK telling me that white people easily find men in HK, I realised that they are lying. I do not get much attention and finding someone who likes me has proven useless.

12. A guy that messaged me on Instagram who I met, in hindsight was a silly decision.

Overall, I love HK and my social life. However, I am still alone. I have spent every moment of my life alone. No one has uttered the words that they love me. And I don’t think they will anytime soon. I have a few great friends in HK but I question the others – I’ve already seen some of my friends true colours and we no longer speak. I have booked a holiday for Chinese New Year and I am going alone….something I loathe but have become very accustomed to.

This is a brief catch up and if I get time I will write properly about some of my experiences and dalliances within HK

2 Friendship

I had no intention of posting today but 2 good things happened.

1) Luke messaged me and explained why he hadn’t messaged me (he merely forgot to press send lol and was waiting for my reply!).

2) For a while now I’ve been trying to find a way to contact Frenchy. I know that I said it was best to leave Frenchy well alone and I was ok with the fact he hadn’t read my kik message. Well today I decided to scan Romeo to find him.

To my surprise I found him, well a profile with a fake picture that I just thought had to be him. I didn’t message the profile because I wasn’t 100% sure but he clearly saw that I had viewed it and he messaged me.

We got talking again and we have now decided to move forward. We will remain in contact and we will try to develop a friendship. I made clear that I wasn’t contacting him to become romantically involved. He understood.

We talked about what we had been up to and he asked me about my sex life (I could have just directed him to the blog but instead I just told him.). Frenchy was in a relationship for a bit but that has now ended.

An Endurance Race (a continuation of the previous post)

…It was great to be lying on a bed with the most dashing man lying on top of me kissing me.

He began to undress me by slowly removing my shorts and then top. He then began kissing my neck (the most orgasmic spot to kiss me). He then went down my body with his lips. He was in no rush and neither was I (despite the fact I had a plane to catch).

I reached my hands under Luke’s top and he was soon topless. He had a perfect chest. I love guys with a hairy chest and his chest wasn’t messy or untidy but perfect. I ran my fingers through his chest hair and then began unbuckling his jeans (which proved harder than I thought).

Luke, now trouserless, began kissing my bulge through my underwear. He was so soft and gentle. He then pulled my boxers down and began playing with my penis. He kissed my balls and the sensation of his beard rubbing against my delicate balls was a joy. He could have stayed there forever.

I then went on top and got Luke naked. I went straight in for the blowjob. It was amazing. We were enjoying ourselves a lot and Luke was moaning out loud the entire time. I love it when a guy moans in bed and he was doing plenty of that. It got so loud that I decided to take a break from sucking him off to turn the TV on because the hotel had very thin walls.

I was looking at the clock a bit because I didn’t want to miss my flight. We were fine for time, we still had about 1hr 30mins before I would have to leave.

Every now and then I would move my head from Luke’s penis and kiss him on the lips. He was in ecstasy. He kept saying how good I was and “where did you learn those skills?!”.

I was really enjoying working my lips up and down his shaft and making him wriggle in ecstasy. About half an hour later, Luke was still going strong. His moans increasing in intensity. I praised his stamina out loud.

At one point my leg was in immense pain – the dreaded leg cramp was trying to ruin our fun. I tried to preserve and Luke could see that I was in pain and told me to rest for a bit. I carried on for about a minute more and then I just threw my body onto his and began stretching out my leg. I was running my fingers through his chest again and I told him never to shave it, even if he was asked to. He assured me he wouldn’t :D.

A few minutes later I went back to work and Luke was reaching for my dick. We were back at it when I heard a knock at the door. I stopped and then the door opened…


FFS!!! I shouted out loud “1 minute!”. I was completely naked lying on top of another naked man. I jumped into some jeans but my erect penis was preventing the flies from being done up. Some awkward rearranging and I managed to zip up, throw a top on and grab a towel (to pretend that I was in the bathroom – yeh right. Housekeeping could have heard Luke moaning a mile away).

Having got rid of the unwanted guests I laughed and jumped back onto the bed to be with Mr. Perfect. It was about 11am and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make Luke cum before I had to leave for the airport 30 mins later.

I was determined to make him cum. I liked him a lot and it would have been a disappointment not to have had him ejaculate. I began to give him the best bj of his life. He was moaning a lot. My lips would not be released from his dick until he came.

20 minutes later he was grabbing my head and I knew it was time. He was wriggling and he said he was going to cum. My lips were going nowhere and he released a cascade of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but he had such a big load some evaded my taste buds. I continued to suck him after he had cum and he was in heaven.

I straddled his waist and he jerked me off while his free hand wandered to my ass. His finger was rubbing my hole. It didn’t take me 2 hours to cum like Luke did as I do not have the stamina he has. When I was about to cum I knew it would be a big load and it sure was. It went everywhere, Krakatoa would have been proud. My first few pumps landed on his chest and near his shoulder but the last one caused my cum to land in his beard.

I felt bad that my cum was in his beard because I loved his beard so much. I wiped it off with my hand and smiled. He commented on my ejaculation and he was definitely surprised.

I offered him the use of the shower, but he was frozen in the bed. He said that he needed a few minutes because he couldn’t stop shaking. About 5 minutes later he managed to get up but was shaking a lot. He said that I was the best he had ever had and that he now knows how a woman feels when she gets her first orgasm.

He went for a shower and we got changed. I checked out of the hotel and we went for a little walk together. I asked him where he needed to be and he explained. As I was getting a taxi to the airport I said that he could jump in the cab with me and I could drop him off. We did just that. When he was getting out of the taxi I really wanted to give him a kiss and a hug but I refrained, mainly because the taxi man seemed prudish.

Instead we said goodbye.

At the airport I kept messaging him. He was keeping me company as I waited for my flight. He was gem. He was making me laugh. He kept complimenting me and told me that when he brought a coffee his hands were still shaking.

We messaged each other constantly for a week after me being in the UK. Sadly, our messaging has waned a bit and it upsets me. In the messaging he said how he wished I didn’t have to leave and that I was his perfect man. Well he was my perfect man also. Some of his messages were incredibly sweet and beautiful (messages so kind and passionate that I don’t want to share them with you on this blog).

The world hates me. I meet the perfect guy (I have said this about GG but Luke is 100% perfect because he can also speak my language so we can talk fluently with one another).

I will definitely try to keep in contact with him.

(I think it is also important to note that before I went to Switzerland, when I was messaging Luke, his profile had no picture and I didn’t see one for a few days into our messaging. Just because a profile doesn’t have pictures doesn’t mean the person is hiding anything).

An Endurance Race

It was the evening of my second day in Switzerland and I got a message from a guy who I had been messaging in the UK. He asked me if I still wanted to meet (something I had agreed in the UK). I replied to the message at about 10pm but his message was sent more than a few hours earlier.

I got a quick response and he apologised (for no reason, it was my fault for not realising he had messaged). He was at the train station about to board his train. He said he would have met me but for the fact he met his friend in town and his friend was with him at the train station and he couldn’t exactly desert him.

Fair-do. We messaged some more and I told him that I would be flying home the next day and needed to be at the airport by noon. We got talking and we got on really well. He said that he would come back to the city early, especially for me. This was extremely sweet and we agreed that he would meet me outside my hotel at 9am.

We never explicitly said we were going to strip naked and ravage each other. Instead we said we were going to ‘sightsee’ together. Although lots of flirting was passing to and thro.

Who is this guy? Well I will call him Luke. He is 25 (although his profile says differently), got a great beard, hairy chest and was beautiful to stare at. He wasn’t muscular but to me he was perfection. If I saw him at a bar I would not have the courage to speak to him because in my mind he was out of my league. Looking back, Luke is marriage material. He is super smart, handsome and everything I could dream of.

It was 9am and I was walking around my hotel waiting for Luke. About ten minutes later I saw him walking up the street with his red backpack. He looked adorable. He didn’t see me and I could see him scanning for myself. I whistled (who am I, a builder?) to get his attention and I dashed across the road to greet him.

He was gorgeous and he wanted to meet me, he didn’t have to be in the city until the afternoon but he caught an early train to spend time with me.

Although we were going ‘sightseeing’ we both knew what we really wanted to do and we both walked into my hotel, through the lobby (not embarrassed this time), into the lift and into my room. We were both standing in my room talking about general stuff.

We were both a bit coy about making the first move. I went and sat on the bed, took my shoes off hinting that I wanted to stay in the room. Luke followed and sat on the bed next to me. We looked at each other and he leaned in for a kiss. I placed my hand on his cheek and savoured the moment.


His kiss wasn’t energetic like GG but it was more passionate in an emotional way. It was soft and I knew that it would only get more passionate the more time we spent together.

He began by lying on top of me and we kissed and kissed…

[Post to be continued shortly]

Slut Sale

Before I write the post about the sexy guy I met during my last day in Switzerland I just want to inform you’ll of a guy who messaged me from Switzerland before I arrived.

I have a habit of attracting the slightly unhinged gays on PlanetRomeo. I don’t know what it is about me but they certainly come in their droves.

Anyway, one guy who had rather scary eyes messaged me asking for sex. I declined for numerous reasons such as the scary, murderer type eyes and the fact that he was in another part of Switzerland. I thought that would be the end of it.

It wasn’t.

I received another message a day later from him begging me for sex (because nothing is sexier than desperation). I once again declined. He replied this time offering to pay me for sex (why does everyone think I’m a prostitute?).

However, since finding out how much a guy in the UK thought I was worth, £60, I was curious to see how much this guy thought I was worth. Apparently my price tag in Switzerland is 200CHF. This is £130 / $212USD!



Some people have more money than sense. I declined but did state on my reply “are you a millionaire?!”. He replied that he wasn’t and that he just wanted a night with me.

With more guys offering to pay for sex with me (I honestly have no idea why they want to pay me for sex as I am no Abercrombie and Fitch model) I wonder what price I would actually consider taking the offer.

…The answer as of today is £0. I have enjoyed my sexual liberation and sluttyness but I don’t want to spiral into the world of paid sex.